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My name is Julia Smirnova, managing single crystal products since 1992 I am glad to represent you now German Company ASCUT as a supplier of single crystals for modern laser devices, used in all fields of medicine, science and technique provided by groups of growers, scientists and technicians working in this field during 20 years. The offered materials are of high quality, the production of optical elements is based on modern technologies. We are opened for commercial and scientific collaboration, scientific and technical consulting to our customers is offered as well.
We will be glad to answer you requests and questions.

Yulia Smirnova
Managing Director

Scientific Consultants:

Dr. Alexander Yelisseev, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, SB of Russian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Ludmila Isaenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences SB of Russian Academy of Sciences, international expert on monocrystal materials for laser systems;

Ascut Co. is proud to represent in Germany the trustworthy partner: Altechna Co.

Please, contact us to get Altechna`s products in Germany.

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